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My life is full of Legos…pieces, parts, complete sets, sets we MUST own.  Legos.

There was no way to escape them, I know this now.  My husband has been obsessed with them for years.  Then we had the Gingers — boys who also share the obsession of Legos.  When Ryan was old enough to love them, my husband was full of happiness.

And, in theory, they are awesome.  Hell, I played with Legos:  awesome building fun!  Back then, we just had some loose ones and built houses, cars, airplanes.  Now?  There must be 5,439,293 sets available; and Lego stores; and Lego amusement parks; and Lego video games.  My life is full of Legos. 

When are they NOT awesome?…here’s some examples:

  • When you step on one…in the dark….CUSS, then put OTHER foot down and step on another with the OTHER foot.  Lego fail.
  • When your cat has 6-toes, and packs them around the house, hiding them.
  • When your son lost ONE, yes ONE piece, of a 753 piece Star Wars Lego contraption, and has a full breakdown to FIND IT.
  • When your stupid puppy (that weighs 50 lbs), likes to eat them.  Often.  And dismantle them.  When your children do NOT put them UP.
  • When your children see a Lego advertisement, begin Googling said Lego set and then commence NON-STOP BEGGING FOR IT…and it costs $199.99.

So, I have Lego-assery, and don’t see a hope of it ending.  My husband is over 40 and loves them.  My boys have a LONG road of Lego years ahead of them.  BUT…if Auzzie, the puppy, starts pooping them?  I’m DONE.

P.S.  Confession — sometimes…when no one is looking, I ‘might’ vacuum some and send them away.  Maybe…… one can prove it.

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